Iran Horsey: The Leading Equine Agency in Iran
Iran Horsey is considered as a premier equine company in Iran. It has been dealing with publishing equine journal and newsletter both in English and Persian. The agency is active in organizing equine events and tours.
The main goals of the company are as following:
Exploiting the potentiality of equine business in Iran
Organizing and holding equine tours in Iran
Introducing equine attractions of Iran to local and foreign tourists
Introducing tourist attractions of Iran to foreign tourists
Developing a powerful social network among local and international horse riders
Extension of equine business in Iran
Creating jobs in equine business and flourishing the business
Increasing GDP of the country by developing specialized tours in equine industry
Providing an attractive tour ambiance for riding pure-bred Kurd and Turkmen horses
Providing a horseback riding track in local attractive places in Iran
Bringing a lively and innovative pace to Iranian tourism industry

Core advantages of the company are:
-  Focusing on innovation and international entrepreneurship
-  Having an experience of over one decade in publishing the only equine journal in Iran
-  Having a great network among the riders and farm owners of Iran
-  Having a team of experts both in equine industry and business/marketing issues
-  Having tight links with equine business owners in Iran

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