The idea of “Iran Horsey” was initiated in Sepanj Studio which is directed by Mahdiar Pirzadeh. Later in 2011, “Sepanj Studio” started its cooperation with   “World of Horses” Journal by designing a web site for this journal. “World of Horses” is the only equine journal in Iran which has been published bimonthly for over 12 years. This has provided a strong network of ties in Iranian equine community, which is considered as one of the competitive advantages of “Iran Horsey” compared to other agencies.
In addition, our team has a great mastery on tourism industry and Iran climate and this has paved the way for equine tourists to Iran. However, because of the speciality of these tours, “Iran Horsey” wants to provide the experience of riding Iranian Horses for its guests. Some of famous Iranian breeds are Turkmen, Kurd, Dare-Shouri.
“Iran Horsey” is different from other tourism agencies in a way that its main focus is on equine tourism which can be considered as a common language all around the world.
In order to provide more excitement for our guests, tour packages are a complex of horseback riding and sightseeing in Iranian historical/ cultural resorts.
Moreover, Iran Horsey is ready to cooperate with equine business owners, whether in giving consultations on

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