A celebration was held in 13th of Auguest 2018 in Tehran to celebrate polo registration by Unesco.

Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization Deputy, Mohammad-Hassan Talebian spoke about the game at the ceremony and called the registration an important global
event for cultural diplomacy and peace.

He added: “Polo, or Chogan in Persian, was played in Iran from ancient times. Today, it has become a popular sport worldwide.”

Talebian stressed: “Polo is also closely linked with people’s livelihoods by providing jobs for its special outfit makers, and the carpenters who carve the wooden mallets and the balls.”

He continued: “Polo has always been a national sport in Iran from the ancient times of Persian civilization and it has featured in many miniatures
and classical Persian literature and poetry.”

He went on to say: “This is a game shared between man and horse, highlighting the extraordinary synergy of two living creatures and symbolizing awareness,
masculinity, and creative human art.
The minister of sport and youth Masoud Soltanifar called the event "a great day for Iran".
Soltanifar went on to congratulate all Iranians around the world, saying Iranians are
those whose every heart beat, and every drop of blood is for Iran's grandeur and prosperity.

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