I, Mahdiar Pirzadeh, am dealing with equine business for over 5 years in Iran. Having done a lot of research and studies about the tourism attractions and equine potentialities of Iran,

I can proudly tell you that you will experience the most exciting trip of your whole life with us. This is possible because Iran is one of the few countries which are four seasonal. In few days of your stay in Iran, you will be able to experience both the beauty of sandy, hot deserts and beautiful green forests as well. You will love the hospitality of the people here and also they like to share their life experience with you. You will get to know the thousand year historical beauty of the Persia and enjoy the special food of the country.
Here is Iran: This is the land that Marco Polo has mentioned a lot about it in his diaries. There are many beautiful horse breeds here which you have seen and read a lot about them in legendry stories. Turkmen, Caspian, Asil, Kurd, Dare-Shouri and Chenaran are some of the breeds that live in different areas of this country.
My exclusive concentration in my business, is on innovation and international entrepreneurship. I also like to be invited a freelance equine photographer and journalist  and take a step forward in developing of this business.
Iran Horsey is considered as a premier equine company in Iran. It has been dealing with publishing equine journal and newsletter both in English and Persian. The agency is active in organizing equine events and tours.

Below are the main goals of the company:
-  Exploiting the potentiality of equine business in Iran
-  Organizing and holding equine tours in Iran
-  Introducing equine attractions of Iran to local and foreign tourists
-  Introducing tourist attractions of Iran to foreign tourists
-  Developing a powerful social network among local and international horse riders
-  Extension of equine business in Iran
-  Creating jobs in equine business and flourishing the business
-  Increasing GDP of the country by developing specialized tours in equine industry
-  Providing an attractive tour ambiance for riding pure-bred Kurd and Turkmen horses
-  Providing a horseback riding track in local attractive places in Iran
-  Bringing a lively and innovative pace to Iranian tourism industry

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