Another place with a special aura:

Takht-e Suleiman, the remains of sanctuary of "Adur Gushnasp", the temple of the holy fire of the warriors and kings of the Sasanian period. Some people believe that "the Holly Grail" was once kept in this city. Story also says that great amounts of treasure are buried at the bottom of the lake (which is surrounded by the site), but nothing was found in any of the explores till now.
May all these belong to the realms of myths, yet the UNESCO-site of Takht-e Suleiman is impressive by its natural appearance also: a thermal spring lake that built up a high platform over time. It surely is worth a visit for everyone traveling to West-Azerbaijan.




people talking to one another, get to know the 'other' and perhaps reach a deeper understanding of each other, is what I wish for 2019. Picture: Intercultural encounter at Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz.





Each day at dawn, when sun hides and night sets in, Ali puts oil lamps in the old alleys of Esfahk Village. He likes to do this because the lights remind him that again, after so many years that the village has been abandoned and falling into ruins, people and life are coming back to it.

Esfahak village



                                 Matthias achmidt

As an anthropologist and photographer, I am naturally interested in people’s interaction with the world in given times and spaces. Intentionally to study the Persian language, I first came to Iran seven years ago. Since then, I have actively traveled around this country documenting how the correlations between culture, religion and identity shape society in modern day Iran.

In today’s complex world, people should talk less and listen more. This conviction finally made me moving over to Iran and dedicating myself to enforce inter-cultural encounter between Iranians, Europeans and the world.

My services include translation & consultation, tailor made travel experiences and specialised tour guidance in Iran. Furthermore, I realise projects in documentary photography. For the successful realisation of my services, I refer to a wide network of partners in and outside Iran.

Feel kindly invited to contact me for any questions & everything you need for your upcoming project in Iran


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