Shahroud part 1

Every day is so busy at the stable here. But today we have some guests.

Today some friends come and join in the Horse club to go for trekking. I have plenty calm and ready horses for this event. After I just help them to go for their short journey my students will be here at 9. That’s awesome because I spend a lot of time with them to teach them how to ride and of course how to treat the horses and make connections with them. Here in Shahroud we are in foothills somewhere like a plain. Then for trekking it’s really fun and pioneering to be in mountains. People who comes here for trekking always talking about different new landscapes that they have seen in the middle of their way.

Be with the horses is so peaceful. I really like doing grooming if I have time. That’s really fantastic. It gives me enough energy for the rest of the day.

My clients will come back from trekking and I will tell you about their story.

To be continued…

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