This year is the 50th anniversary of the rediscovery of the Caspian horse.

The breed is thought to have been the preferred choice of the kings of ancient Persia, with carvings depicting Caspians found at the Achaemenid site of Persepolis. Scholars had unsuccessfully looked for this unique horse for two centuries and eventually the species was thought to be extinct. Fortuitously, an American horse lover, Louise Firouz, rediscovered the animal in the streets of Amol in 1965. She then spent the rest of her life breeding and promoting this Iranian national treasure.

Despite this, however, there are fewer than 1,000 Caspian horses around the world and so steps need to be taken to preserve and continue the breed. For this reason the Caspian Horse Sperm Bank Project is being set up which aims to help collect samples from the best Caspian stallions in Iran and elsewhere, so that these can be frozen for posterity and also be exchanged in order to continue and improve the breed. The Project will be supervised by a board of trustees, members of which will be carefully selected from various Caspian horse societies and the equine veterinary world.

To celebrate this significant anniversary, TV director and Caspian Horse Society council member, Farokh Khorooshi has teamed up with renowned equine photographer Colin Barker to produce a luxury commemorative calendar depicting Caspian horses throughout the world, including Belgium, Holland, Sweden, USA, the UK and their native Iran. Proceeds from the calendar will then go toward the Project and its crucial work.

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